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Starting in April 2015 we will be starting up our Postcards From The Shire series up again. Summer is just around the corner and it’s time we gassed up the motor home and got to truckin’!


We are currently in the middle of writing and recording a new podcast. We plan on, starting in April 2015 to have a set podcast schedule of releases. It will be, at least, one brand new podcast a month. If we have more than enough news for a 2nd podcast (or something special) then we will put out two a month. There will be a new podcast this March so GET EXCITED!

Sneak Peak: Exciting news on the Raglan Report expansion, swag, spaghetti, and more coming soon in the next podcast!

Looking for something to do in the virtual worlds of the Raglan Shire? Then don’t forget to check out the events calendar for all upcoming events

Feeds: We are currently attempting to update our itunes feed without having to make a new one. We don’t want to lose everyone that subscribes! If you cannot find the podcast to add to your itunes under “The Raglan Report” then please try looking under “Tinies On Tape”. We’re trying to get this figured out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

We can’t do a brand new podcast without your help! If you have any Raglan Shire News, Shout Outs, Birthdays/Anniversaries, or anything else you want mentioned in our next podcast then send it in.  We would also like to invite people to send in a recording of themselves saying “This is (YOUR NAME) & you’re listening to the Raglan Report.” We would like to tiny-fy, remix, & mash it up for future podcasts. You can put it in our in-world mailbox, send it to Cerulean Capalini in-world, or email us at tipsycerulean@gmail.com.

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Thank you everyone for your support! Please keep those shout outs & news coming! We can’t do this without you!


For pictures & information about each podcast as well as where to listen please check out the Happening’s Blog.

If you would like us to mention birthdays, rez days, shout outs, or anything else you have to say in a future broadcast then please fill out the information below or drop us a notecard named “Shout Outs” & your full name in our sheep mailbox at the Raglan Report Second Life Office. Podcast recordings are done on Fridays & Saturdays so be sure to get yours in before we record or it will be held up for a week.

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